The right person at the right time

5 individuals including 2 women and 3 men of the SSI technology outsourcing staff in dress clothes

SSI’s Staff Augmentation Service provides incremental IT personnel for a specific project, skill requirement, or timeframe as dictated by your company. If you need temporary personnel — for example, a JAVA expert to backfill a vacationing employee or a C++ developer to support a coding project — we can assign an employee or locate a qualified individual from our network of contractors.

It’s understandable to be nervous about outsourcing IT services, even on a temporary basis. But unfortunately it’s inevitable that you will, on occasion, find yourself in need of good, quality help with exactly the skill set you’re looking for. That’s where our Staff Augmentation Services come in. We have built an extensive network of experienced IT professionals across a broad spectrum of specialties and can typically find someone to fill your need much quicker than you could on your own.

Minimize Your Hiring Cost and Risk with IT Outsourcing

When you use our IT outsourcing services, the individual or individuals are part of our payroll, not yours. This allows your company to save any HR department processing costs that can be involved with hiring a temporary employee on your own. You may think to hire temporary IT staff through a traditional staffing agency, but that can have its own risks. When you augment your staff through our services, we have a vested interest in making sure that you get the best person for the job because these individuals work for SSI. By using our IT outsourcing rather than a traditional temp agency, you’ll find that you have less risk of engaging somebody who isn’t actually right for the job.

Using SSI to augment your staff is a great option that allows you to have the right person, when you need them — and only when you need them. You can save both money and time while increasing your IT talent pool by outsourcing IT jobs through SSI.