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man in a blue shirt completing his IT repair work

Utilize external resources to address desktop issues or to supplement core onsite IT support requirements

Our Onsite IT Support Service provides clients with high performing and where needed, certified technicians at the your work site. When a problem cannot be resolved through the help desk, we dispatch experienced technicians to provide onsite technical support. We offer flexible service options: from responding to a single issue on an as needed basis or including this capability in a service contract that also includes scheduled maintenance.

Not only highly skilled, our technicians are also friendly and professional. When they arrive at your desktop, they work with the user to quickly diagnose and resolve problems with applications software, operating systems, ancillary equipment (printers, scanners, etc.) or networking issues.

Faster Response Times at Lower Cost

By utilizing SSI personnel to address the infrequent need for specialized desktop skills, you are able to lower hiring and training costs. And because we support other clients, we’ve often seen the problem before and know just how to fix it quickly.

For some clients, the best option is to utilize onsite IT support only for off-hours (nights, weekends and holidays). On-site Support is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. Schedule an appointment today so we can help you identify a solution that will save money and improve operating efficiency.