IT Outsourcing for Businesses

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Choose an IT Outsourcing company that works for you


Total IT Outsourcing helps to lower overall IT costs while providing peace of mind to company leadership. We assign a CIO who oversees the entirety of your IT operations freeing the company to focus on the core competencies essential to growing your business.

For some organizations,  outsourcing IT means relocating your database and servers to an SSI data center, but not necessarily. Where preferable, we assign personnel to work in the client’s facilities. In either case we may hire some or all of your existing staff to simplify the transition.

Our outsourcing service is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. With limited resources, we are able to spread the costs of hiring certified IT professionals across multiple client platforms.

Creating an IT Outsourcing Strategy

By conducting an in-depth assessment of your current operations and IT infrastructure, we help develop a plan which takes maximum advantage of changing technology. And the CIO assigned to your account will work with your operations team to ensure we continue to support you effectively as the business changes and grows.