Outsourcing Overseas vs Outsourcing in America

Outsourcing Overseas vs Outsourcing in America


Accessing talent that is world class is one of the main pros connected to outsourcing your technology overseas. Not that there isn’t an incredible IT talent pool in the U.S., but widening your technology horizons by going global does have its benefits. There are some other valid reasons for having your IT outsourcing overseas rather than finding a qualified worker that is nearby, but the main reason still continues to be saving money by taking advantage of lower operating costs and wages.

Perhaps your company is located in Louisville, KY, would you be better off outsourcing your technology right there in Louisville or outsourcing overseas? Many Americans feel that outsourcing overseas rather than keeping the jobs in the U.S. is damaging the economy and diminishing the number of available jobs for our citizens. This could be considered one good reason for IT outsourcing domestically rather than overseas.

The question still remains in the minds of many as to just how pervasive can overseas IT outsourcing be within the U.S. economy? Well, the fact is that studies show that millions of jobs have been moved overseas by U.S. multinational corporations since the year 2000. According to U.S. Department of Commerce data, the major U.S. brand-name companies are employing 1/5th of all U.S. workers, but they cut U.S. work forces by 2.9 million people since 2000 and increased their overseas employment by 2.4 million workers. And, according to a recent analysis by the Wall Street Journal, 35 major multinational companies based in the U.S. sent 3/4 of the jobs overseas that they were adding during the last two years.

So, the fact is that if these are numbers that concern you more than the ultimate savings that can be derived from overseas outsourcing, then surely you should consider domestic outsourcing. On the other hand, if your company desperately needs the benefits of overseas outsourcing cost-cutting, then you should choose to go with outsourcing overseas. Often, for many companies these days, those savings could quite possibly mean the difference between the success or failure of their entire organization. And, in the end, how many jobs could that cost?

So, for help with outsourcing your technology overseas or domestically, what you need is a company with considerable experience in that area. With 60+ years of IT leadership, Specialized Systems Integration in Louisville, KY is the optimum choice for your IT outsourcing.